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HXC is a file extension that can have multiple uses dependent on the program they are being associated with. These file types can be opened using different software solutions which we will detail in this article.

Possible Formats for HXC Files

The HXC file extension, to begin with, is associated with the SlimDevices SqueezeCenter program. It is a software used to play music on Squeezebox players. In this context, HXC files are configuration files.

Furthermore, HXC file extension is relevant to an application called 'HX-Edit' provided by Line 6. These are preset files used for creating customized sounds on Line 6 Helix hardware and software solutions.

In another context, HXC files are also identified with a program called 'HexxCraft', a design and creativity application built around Minecraft. Here, HXC files are project files that contain HexxCraft structures.

Ways to Open HXC Files

If you are having trouble opening an HXC file, it's useful to know the right program to use.

For HXC files associated with SlimDevices SqueezeCenter, the easiest way to open them is to use the SqueezeCenter software. Navigate to the software's homepage at to download the software.

For HXC files related to HX-Edit from Line 6, you would need the HX-Edit software. You may download this from the Line 6 website at

In case your HXC file is a HexxCraft project file, download HexxCraft from its official website to open and edit these files.

HXC File Important Information

Remember, not all HXC files are created equal. It's important to identify the program or application associated with the HXC file you are working with. Trying to open an HXC file with the wrong software can lead to file corruption or data loss.

Moreover, if the software to open your HXC file is not available, you may use a universal file viewer like File Magic which can open a variety of file formats.

It can't be stressed enough that taking simple precautions like backing up your files and only downloading software from official websites can save you from a lot of trouble. Stay smart, stay safe.

Typical HXC mime types:

  • application/xml

Frequently associated Windows objects:

  • MSHelp.hxc.2.5

How to Open HXC File on Windows

How to Open HXC File on Mac OS

How to Open HXC File on Android

If you downloaded a HXC file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open HXC File on iPhone or iPad

To open HXC File on iOS device follow steps below:

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